Entheogens, Shamanism, & Spiritual Cargo

Date and Time:
Tuesday, August 27th – All Day
Located at Camp:
Fractal Planet
Fractal Planet


Come learn about the science & practice behind the utilization of psychedelics to explore the depths of your own cargo in a full series of talks throughout the day and into the evening at Fracal Planet (formerly Fractal Nation).

Today's talks include:
-Karl Baba: "Shamanic Death & Rebirth Ceremony"
-Vishnu Dass: "Symbols of Self"
-Brad Burge: "How to Communicate about Psychedelics"
-Rick Doblin: "Psychedelic Medicine: A Path to Prescription Use and Legalization"
-Linnae Ponte & Annie Oak: "Risk Reduction On the Playa: The Zendo and Tea House Projects"
-Femtheogens: The Feminine Essence in the Entheogenic Experience (Community Discussion & Panel Presentation)
-Doctuh Naughtilee: "Burner Baggage Check & Cargo Cleanse"
-Maria Papaspyrou: "In Search of the Philosopher's Stone"
"Kai San: "Archetypal Astrology & Psychedelic Psychotherapy"