Dragon Smelter Metal Foundry

Dates and Times:
Monday, August 26th – All Day
Tuesday, August 27th – All Day
Wednesday, August 28th – All Day
Thursday, August 29th – All Day
Friday, August 30th – All Day
Saturday, August 31st – All Day
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Dragon Smelter
Dragon Smelter
Coin Press at Recycle Camp
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Participation on the playa for over a decade, transforming metal into art is our practice and our passion. This year, at Cargo Cult 2013, we’ve again brought this process of transformation to the Playa to share our burning passion with YOU! The Dragon Smelter is both a kinetic sculpture and a real reduction foundry. Working with the general LNT effort at Burning Man we will perform a live casting event melting cans and scrap aluminum, participant donated moop is transformed into molten aluminum and poured into both predesigned and on playa burner-designed sand molds.

Nightly fire effects are held at the dragon belching flames 15 feet into the air!

Please also find us at Recycle camp, where our collaboration with the LNT initiative invites us to set up our coin press. We invite you to come press your very own Flying saucer inspired Cargo Cult 2013 recycled aluminum coins.