Mutants and Mad Scientist Happy hour

Date and Time:
Tuesday, August 27th, 2013, 5 PM – 7 PM
Located at Camp:
Paradise Motel


Calling all Super Villains, Arch-nemeses and soon to be en-slaved humans! The Evil League of Evil is hosting a Happy Hour(s)! Come down to the Paradise Motel to witness the twisted creations of our own mad scientists and dance to the mash-ups (music with lyrics!) of special guest DJ LobsterDust (Bootie, NYC) and resident DJs Poysyn and Joshy G. Since we always want more, diabolical cocktail concoctions and snow cones (ice cold like our souls) will be provided. The beautifully distorted creations we've made at our mutant animal parties in SF and LA will be up for "adoption" or bring a stuffed animal to help us make more! Fill out adoption papers for these mutant animals and one could be yours at the end of the Burn. (Return Sunday to pick up your adopted mutant) Special test tube surprise will be given to anyone wearing a lab coat, super villain, mutant or other evil creation outfit. Super heroes may attend at their own risk.