The PAudiotron Audio Experience

Dates and Times:
Monday, August 25th – All Day
Tuesday, August 26th – All Day
Wednesday, August 27th – All Day
Thursday, August 28th – All Day
Friday, August 29th – All Day
Saturday, August 30th – All Day
Sunday, August 31st – All Day
Located at Camp:
Silicon Village
Silicon Village
6:00 Port-a-potties


Team PAudiotron (sounds like "potty-o-tron") brings diverse audio experiences to select port-a-potties at the 6:00 potty bank. Motion activated, the audio experiences are extremely varied, but apropos to the Burning Man potty venue. PAudiotron logos on the potty doors clearly mark potties that are anointed with the Genuine PAudiotron Experience. Go to the website and download playlists of PAudiotron content for your listening pleasure as you travel to the playa. THESE ARE NOT CAMERAS!!! REALLY!!!