Free Photography Zone

Dates and Times:
Monday, August 25th – All Day
Tuesday, August 26th – All Day
Wednesday, August 27th – All Day
Thursday, August 28th – All Day
Friday, August 29th – All Day
Saturday, August 30th – All Day
For Kids
Located at Camp:
Free Photography Zone
Free Photography Zone


For 18 years the Free Photography Zone has photographed and given prints to the participants of Burning Man.
In a studio setting, using professional studio equipment you are photographed and preserved as you were during this life changing event.
Each person photographed is given a print as a tangible and permanent reminder of their time at Burning Man.
Sometimes you are directed, sometimes not. This is your experience and I try to make it a lasting memory of your time here.
Individuals, groups, families (in all permutations) are welcome.
I usually begin in the mid to late morning and continue photographing till the late night. Or until I can no longer stand and photograph.
So come early in the week, bring your friends and enjoy the rather unique experience of really being photographed. It is not something to be missed.