Dates and Times:
Monday, August 25th – All Day
Tuesday, August 26th – All Day
Wednesday, August 27th – All Day
Thursday, August 28th – All Day
Friday, August 29th – All Day
the Man


Come one, come all to the alluring, immersive atmosphere of the Souk in the tents surrounding the Man! Here you’ll find an exotic social center teeming with activity; mix and mingle with Souk keepers from all over the world, sample their wares, engage in conversation, games, performance art, activities and general nonsense! Community groups from across the Global Network will tempt you with delights beyond imagination in their hand-crafted marketplaces. Everyone is welcome to create an activity in our Souk, from dance to magic to interactive tomfoolery. The Souk will be open 24-7 starting at Midnight on Sunday, and will close on Friday afternoon. Immerse yourself in its surprises!!