Rootist Yoga Workshop

Date and Time:
Tuesday, August 26th, 2014, 3:30 PM – 5 PM
Located at Camp:
Sun Guardians
Sun Guardians


"What is Rootism?" My response to this in short: Rootism is a belief that the truth of our learned existence lies in the Roots of all teachings/truths and beliefs. These truths are different for everyone based on how they we raised and what we resonate with at the time of our learning. As a Rootist, we take the roots of various truths and incorporate them into our own mantra, our own way of living, to become the well rounded person that we wish to be. When you resonate with more than one truth, you are a Rootist. There are many different types of Rootist's. You could be a Christian Rootist, a Buddhist Rootist, or any type of Rootist. The moment you resonate with more than one truth & take the roots of those teachings as your truths, you become a Rootist.

Rootism is a lesson that I have learned and come to resonate with over the last few years. I am grateful to share this information with each of you. Please feel free to share this with anyone with whom you feel might be interested.

As an offset of Rootism, we have The Rootist's Way. A style of yoga that is in-tentful in it's design and sequences to help to facilitate a certain type of energy clearing and calling in of new energies.

Thank you for reading this and for wanting to know more about Rootism.

The 8 Principles of Rootism:

∞Principles of Rootism™

1. Release what no longer serves - nurture yourself & ground yourself
2. Embrace a Creative Vision
3. Move forward on your journey -Take Steps Fearlessly
4. Empathize and Feel what is going on within you & others
5. Motivate yourself & others by Truth – Check the Ecology of the Whole
6. Bridge the Mind & the Heart
7. Evolve a Pro-Sociality Lifestyle & Manifest a Greater Humanity - help others and give back
8. Revolutionize - Reveal Yourself! Open UP! Inner Knowing is Outer Showing

The acronym is "Remember"