Date and Time:
Monday, August 25th, 2014, 10 AM – 2 PM
Located at Camp:
Heart-On! (Located within Silicon Village  )
Silicon Village


Get your very own custom version of our now famous Heart body art. Why? Because "Everyone loves a Heart-On!" Choose from multiple colors of airbrush paint and stencil sizes, ink stamps, temporary tattoos, and our newest offering: Welt-On!s done with our trusty heart riding crop - just the thing to fill all your HO desires! So, whether it's a cute lil' pink one or a huge purple one, our Fluffers will give you the Heart-On! you've always wanted, and they'll put it anywhere you like. Remember: "Your Heart-On! should last until you rub it out," and, "Multiple Heart-On!s are always fun," so sashay around BRC and wear your Heart-On! proudly!!!