A big YEE-SAW from Texas

Dates and Times:
Monday, August 25th – All Day
Tuesday, August 26th – All Day
Wednesday, August 27th – All Day
Thursday, August 28th – All Day
Friday, August 29th – All Day
Saturday, August 30th – All Day
Located at Camp:
Houston CORE Camp
Houston CORE Camp
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The YEEEEE-SAWWWW! (screamed loudly with a typical Texas drawl to express joy or exuberance) promises to be the most interactive and entertaining see-saw you've ever experienced.

At 33' long x 28' tall, this perfectly balanced see-saw includes an adult playground comprised of a dance platform, pole and jungle gym. A center pole rises through the dance platform and moves with the Yee-Saw. Dancers can use this to radically express themselves while also controlling the riders' experience. Scale the triangular truss to operate from the top of the pole and for a great view of the playa.

This year, the machine has successfully entertained the nearly 3,000 member strong Burning Flipside community. It’s now eagerly waiting to play with all of you beautiful people.

Seatbelts ON!
It’s Yee-Saw Time!