HighChair Stilt Bar Costume Cocktail Sunset Party

Date and Time:
Tuesday, August 26th, 2014, 5 PM – 8 PM
Located at Camp:
PB/EBOL Sandwich


DAILY Costume party at sunset @ High Chair Stilt Bar Theme:"Red Lightning" bring a cup, enrobe yourself in your hippy crystal finest On stilts or off!
*WE want to honor the amazing neighbor camps we've had over the years by dressing up as them--- no seriously we love these fine folks of new ageyness! . It's our traditional Sunset, Stilting, Costume, Cocktail party! 5-8PM. Come in your hippy guru crystal toting finest… this is an all spiritual night. Commune with the goddess however you see fit. MUSIC: World Music Fusion a la David Starfire. ***STILTERS*** come mingle with other giant ilk of your kind -- Enhightened Beings of Leisure - on Playa since the mid 2000's. and all you NON-STILTERS-- come gaze up in wonder at how they don't just topple over--indeed marvel at how they prance and pivot on those long long "legs" (the secret is their rock hard asses)...maybe get inspired to get high! brought to you by ENHIGHTENED BEINGS OF LEISURE and PedalBump, aka PB/EBOL SANDWICH CAMP.