1worldcurrency Camp Crypto Currency Revolution

Dates and Times:
Monday, August 25th – All Day
Tuesday, August 26th – All Day
Wednesday, August 27th – All Day
Thursday, August 28th – All Day
Friday, August 29th – All Day
Saturday, August 30th – All Day
Sunday, August 31st – All Day
Monday, September 1st – All Day
7:30 and I
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Open the Crypt tonight! 1worldcurrency camp hosts the currency caravan featuring the revolutionary Illumanati Gold and Silver Crypto Currency Coin pre-mining conference and crypto currency discussion series. Explore blockchain technology and its implications on humanity and the world. The Illumanati Gold and Silver Coin is a crypto currency backed by all the Illumanati gold and silver post apocalypse. The coin is scheduled to be mined December 21st 2014 and will be held in a commons for an equal distribution airdrop to all people of planet earth.

May peace be with you,