Taoist Erotic Massage for Men & their Lovers

Date and Time:
Thursday, August 28th, 2014, 3:30 PM – 5 PM
Mature Audiences
Located at Camp:
Comfort and Joy
United States


The workshop is an ultra-condensed form of a type of massage developed by the Body Electric School. It combines breathwork and a sequence of erotic massage techniques which stimulate erotic energy but don’t expend it in ejaculation. The result is often a heightened erotic state some people call a “full body orgasm."
In the Body Electric workshops, these techniques are learned over a two-day weekend workshop which explores intimacy, eroticism, and personal growth. Here, we’ve got two hours. So, we learn a shortened version just of the massage part, and change the rules a little bit: partners just work on one another, and the massage is a bit shorter. However, as past participants can tell you (and hopefully will in the comments!), the workshops are incredibly powerful, hot (in all senses of the word…), and, for some, deeply healing and transformative. A lot of guys who have done the Burning Man workshop have gone on to do Body Electric, and integrated these new forms of eroticism into their own lives.
A few guiding principles if you’re thinking of coming to the workshop:
- This is a hands-on, clothes-off workshop. Spectators are not allowed. You will have an opportunity to opt-out before the massage begins.
- We will be doing one round of massage, so each person will either give or receive. Note that giving can often be more powerful than receiving.
- Givers of massage may be of any sex and gender. We’ll be teaching the massage techniques for male bodies (i.e. people with penises). However, the main part of the practice is not the massage but the energy and breathwork, so female-bodied people are more than welcome to participate!
- Bring a towel and water
- Pee ahead of time
- Bring purell. We provide massage lotion