Gender Blender’s Dusty Snuggles Cuddle Puddle

Date and Time:
Tuesday, September 1st, 2015, 6 PM – 8 PM
Located at Camp:
Gender Blender


Join us in creating a safe, non-sexual space for everyone to enjoy no-pressure platonic intimacy! Spooning, nuzzling, and all styles of cuddling will abound. Whether you want a creative new way to make some friends, are asexual and want to explore non-sexual intimacy, just need a sweet way to de-stress, or are simply chasing that lovely oxytocin buzz, come check it out! To facilitate creating this safe and non-sexual space, we ask that participants keep their pant[ie]s on and save the sexiness for our Thursday Sexploration Party at 9pm. This event is respect and consent oriented - ALWAYS ask before touching someone else in any way. As always, this party is a safe space for trans, genderqueer, and gender variant people, and any and all genders/orientations (or lack thereof) are welcome at this event.