Plug & Play Board: Play'n with Plugs

Date and Time(s):
Monday, August 31st - All Day
Tuesday, September 1st - All Day
Wednesday, September 2nd - All Day
Thursday, September 3rd - All Day
Friday, September 4th - All Day
Saturday, September 5th - All Day
Sunday, September 6th - All Day
Hosted by Camp:
Silicon Village
6:10 and Geek (man side) in front of Joyism Pod


Can't afford your own Plug & Play Camp membership? Come feel like a 1%er and have the kind of fun reserved for the well heeled! Come play with plugs! Indulge in taking plugs (sexual, electrical, & audio) and sticking them into sockets just to see what happens. You haven't DONE Burning Man until you have a selfie of you putting a butt plug into a manikin's booty! Segway parking is available.