Burner Bike Bellhop Service for Burner Express Bus

Date and Time:
Monday, August 31st – All Day
Self Care
Located at Camp:
ABC Alphabet Block Camp


Burners Bus Bike Bellhop Service will offer random newbs and rubes a lift for their luggage, coolers and tents from the Burner Express bus stop to their camp…or to some camp. We have bikes with trailers ready to assist you with your travel needs. If you arrive in Black Rock City on the bus we can help you transport gear to camp. Look for our cheerful grifters with their grubby hands and dusty grins as you get off the Burner Express bus in Black Rock City. Feel safe as you allow some complete stranger in goofy clothes to carry away all your possessions needed for the week, secure in the knowledge that there are 70,000 people for us... I mean... them, to get lost in. Burner Bus Bike Bellhop Service; A lot of Bs an S.