Shut Up and have a better Relationship!

Date and Time:
Tuesday, September 1st, 2015, 1 PM – 2:30 PM
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Quit thinking that talk will improve your relationship. We are way more advanced and ready to understand each other without so many words. Words are dangerous, but assumptions... WAY MORE DANGEROUS! and, MORE FUN!! So we will be exploring where assumptions come from and creating different pathways that have a much better chance for accuracy, and.... wait for it.... INITMACY! (yes that pot of gold we are looking for at the end of those playa rainbows!) In this space of curiosity, experimentation and practice, YOU WILL LEARN the emerging art of SUBTLE COMMUNICATION. You will be able to describe your month in Bali in seven (7) words or less in a way that creates more understanding, more curiosity and, yes, more intimate connection (every time) than your 90 minute slide show and endless stories. Really...
Answer the tiresome question "How are you?" in three (3) words that will say more, build immediate trust and help you to purge more friends on facebook than ever before! We all have the ability to 'know' more without using the left side of our brain. We just aren't so practiced. So, with a bit of science, a measure of technique, the willingness to try a 'different way' and a whole workshop of practice! we will be ready to immediately upgrade any relationship, including the one with the hottie you will meet tonight outside the Pleasure Dome! Ready!?