The Randomized Postcard Project

Dates and Times:
Wednesday, September 2nd, 2015, 1 PM – 3 PM
Thursday, September 3rd, 2015, 1 PM – 3 PM
Friday, September 4th, 2015, 1 PM – 3 PM
Saturday, September 5th, 2015, 1 PM – 3 PM
Located at Camp:
Flamingo Trap
Contact Email:


In the lead up to the burn we'll be collecting names and addresses of folks who would like to receive a postcard from the playa. Then once we're out in the dust we'll be recruiting random passersby to write a message on those pre-addressed postcards. Once you've written a postcard to a random you'll be able to fill your own address in (or a friend's) so that someone can write you a postcard! Feel free to get in touch with us to submit your info or just come find us on playa.