Last Bar on Earth/First Bar on Playa

Date and Time:
Tuesday, September 1st, 2015, 2 PM – 3 PM
Trash Fence


Last Bar on Earth or First bar on Play, depending on which way you reach the trash fence. Located along the fence, like a mirage looming in the distance, out of the desert, from the dust: Ice Cold Margaritas. The Last Bar on Earth, past the Esplanade, past the Man, past the Temple… as far as a person can go in Black Rock City.
The First Bar on the Playa; depending on which way you are coming to the bar. For those trekking across the barren wasteland, evading the dozen or so security and law enforcement agencies, avoiding detection by radar and heat sensors, struggling to finally reach the perimeter fence; our Bar is there to offer you an ice cold beverage and welcome you Home with a hug, brother/sister, before contacting the proper authorities and turning you over to security.

For several years I have rode my bicycle with trailer out to the furthest point in Black Rock City with all the booze, juice, water, soda and ice I could fit in the 3 large ice-chests. I purposely set up at the remotest spot I can find, away from camps, sound systems, art vehicles and crowds. Trying to provide a service to intrepid playa explorers, people out riding bikes along the trash fence, those reaching beyond the EDM to see the desert vastness. As they spot our stack of coolers along the fence, in they trickle and find Iced Cold Margaritas waiting for them. Every year we go through every drop of beverage we can carry out there, usually in under an hour or two. Hosted by Camp Threat.

Bring a cup and witty banter. Join us at the fence.

And, YES, most definitely, Daft Punk will be playing.