Free Photography Zone, Portraits on the Playa

Dates and Times:
Monday, August 31st – All Day
Tuesday, September 1st – All Day
Wednesday, September 2nd – All Day
Thursday, September 3rd – All Day
Friday, September 4th – All Day
Saturday, September 5th – All Day
Located at Camp:
Free Photography Zone
Free Photography Zone


My camp, the Free Photography Zone, has been doing portraits of the participants of Burning Man continuously for the past 19 years. Each person, or group, is photographed in a studio setting and given an instant print as their tangible reminder of their Burning Man experience. I then photograph then on medium format black and white film so that, if they wish, they can get prints at a later date.

These are not a re-do of your high school yearbook portrait just in Burning Man attire. I try to give each person enough time to help me make a lasting photograph. On our gallery walls in our shade structure there are black and white prints ranging in size from 16x20" to 4x5' that I hope will be of some inspiration to you. Though I try not to duplicate what I have done in the past they may serve as a jumping off point for our photography session. Not the easiest thing given the approximately 47,000 black and white negatives done so far. I have never counted and see no reason to start now.

I consider the people I photograph as the most important part of any photograph and always try my best to make a photograph that will be of lasting value and interest well beyond the moment of its creation.

Come, join me, and together we may make something wonderful.

I usually begin each day about 10 or 11 AM and continue into the night till I can't keep on my feet any longer. Weather permitting I'll begin on Sunday August 30th through Saturday September 5th.

I do look forward to photographing you.