Swap Meat! with the Trustable Sluts

Date and Time:
Tuesday, September 1st, 2015, 9 PM – 12 AM
Located at Camp:
Chakralicious Camp


Welcome to Swap Meat!

This event is organized by The Trustable Sluts: a community of sexually liberated socially responsible women.

This is a mixer for sexually liberated, socially responsible women* and the men and women (and everyone in between) who love them.

With Swap Meat, we turn traditional gender dynamics on their head and invite both men and women who want to date, relate and have sexual connections with women who identify as women* who are self-aware, sex-positive, love warriors.

WHO ARE WE: trustablesluts.com

There will be little structure and much fun. We will bring something to identify the "meat" and identify Trustable Slut Members.

# 1 rule of SWAP Meat is
you bring someone AWESOME
to SWAP Meat.

We want to be introduced to more amazing people who want to meet fun, playful, and open women, who are in alignment with our values.

Bring someone who you would recommend to date your best friend. Bring someone who is "available" to date. Bring someone who has good boundaries and knows how to communicate. Bring someone who YOU are 100% okay with sharing.

Who NOT to bring:
-Some random person off the playa
-Someone who is overly eager to hook-up (aka desperate).
-Someone who isn't emotionally available or at least self-aware.

Official Meat Policy:

1) Meat can be of any gender.
2) We encourage "available" meat. That word has many interpretations...it is whatever it means to you. However, here are some ways it means to us:
+ is single or in an open relationship.
+ their relationship agreements allow for dating.
+ has time to date, meaning not just interested in hooking-up.
+ has experience in our or some other community of sexy tribe.
+ has emotional intelligence and communication skills.

*NOTE: We are open to all gender orientations and sexual orientations. We are LGBTQ friendly.