Tighty- Whitey Take-Out

Dates and Times:
Monday, August 31st – All Day
Tuesday, September 1st – All Day
Wednesday, September 2nd – All Day
Thursday, September 3rd – All Day
Friday, September 4th – All Day
Saturday, September 5th – All Day
Located at Camp:
Dusty Taint


While carnival boardwalks and midways are perfumed with the smell of Coney dogs, and funnel cakes, and dotted with souvenir shops, we transform the people into the attractions for others to enjoy. There is a juxtaposition of who receives the excitement and who gives the excitement with an ample supply of tighty-whitey under pants in various styles. The inner artists can express their creativity and dusty taints through colored markers then don the one-of-a-kind art. Snap a picture (instant camera on site) for our “Taint Wall of Freaks” then take your art on a traveling show - the living canvas of “the self”.
Monday/Tuesday – Foreplay! To get one excited and invigorated. “Manifest it Monday”, “Free for all Tuesday”. You call it; it’s yours, especially our bartenders. Monday and Tuesday are the days we establish our regulars! We play “The Game” until we just can’t stand it anymore (In a good way of course). It’s all about introducing ourselves to our neighbors and making friends for the week, friends for a lifetime.