BiGGEST gathering of BURNERS with SOMBREROS!

Date and Time:
Wednesday, September 2nd, 2015, 4 PM – 5:30 PM
Center Camp Cafe
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*Be part of BOTH the BiGGEST gathering of BURNERS witH SOMBREROS on Playa and take part in our funky BURNERS with SOMBREROS video... bring tequila and your AMiGOS!!! Arriba! Arriba!!

It is an undeniable fact: there are more sombreros than Mexicans on Playa! As a Mexican I just get giddy happy when I see my fellow Burners with colorful sombreros throughout Playa.... it simply evokes the festive nature of my culture: fiesta, spirits, baile, canto and some good food! I want to take it a step further and challenge 'cultural appropriation' stigmas out there by making it a WIN-WIN situation here: If you wear a Sombrero on Playa, you gotta KiSS A MEXiCAN! Come celebrate in the BiGGEST GATHERiNG OF BURNERS with SOMBREROS at Center Camp Cafe. Bring your SOMBREROS, your TEQUILA, and your AMiGOS... and together we'll go in search of MEXiCANS ON PLAYA and share the LOVE!!!

This year I am also gonna do something that IT'S SO OUT OF MY LEAGUE and make a ViDEO!!! SO come be part of the GIFT the GiVES and immortalize yourselves (and your SOMBRERO) in a funky video I got prepared for ya!! Arriba Arriba!!