A quintessential tea party on the Village Green

Date and Time:
Tuesday, September 1st – All Day
Queen Dick Pub (Village Green)


On Tuesday the Queen Dick pub's Village Green will be the scene of a genteel tea party. This is a quintessential British daytime party with outrageous games that will start on the Village Green and flow into the evening:
Knights on Bikes: 'Lance-A-Lot' - Amateur jousting,
Human fruit machine,
Lemon and spoon battle,
Morris prancing,
Human snake,
Robbie Burns' Remix Reeling,
Alongside these lovely games we will also have some S&M thrown in for some naughty measure. Beneath the thin veneer of respectability, all is never what it seems; we’ll offer soft (and comfortable) slipper spankings, corduroy chaps and lavender scented latex.
And of course all day banging party music that'll pushes the party up to an 11! And don't forget, the Queen Dick will have cold beer on tap all day to refresh you throughout the day.
Come join us!!