Zendo Project

Dates and Times:
Monday, August 31st – All Day
Tuesday, September 1st – All Day
Wednesday, September 2nd – All Day
Thursday, September 3rd – All Day
Friday, September 4th – All Day
Saturday, September 5th – All Day
Sunday, September 6th – All Day
Monday, September 7th – All Day
Self Care
Something Freaky This Way Foams


The Zendo is a community outreach project at Burning Man that offers education and psychological support, with the goal to help reduce the potential harms involved in drug use. Volunteers provide peer-to-peer harm reduction support for individuals having a difficult drug-related experience and who don't require medical care. Guests are sometimes actively on substance, and other times are seeking integration support, or education about the risks involved in drug use. We staff the space 24/7 with trained mental health and medical professionals who provide oversight, as well as individuals experienced in crisis response.

If you'd like to come to the training to learn more about volunteering, it will take place at Something Freaky This Way Foams, near 2:00&G, on Tuesday September 1 at 11AM.

The four principles of psychedelic harm reduction include:

1. Create a safe space - If someone is having a challenging experience try to move them into a comfortable, warm, and calm environment. If possible, try to avoid noisy or crowded spaces. Ask what would make them most comfortable. Offer blankets and water.

2. Sitting, not guiding - Be a calm presence of acceptance, compassion, and caring. Promote feelings of trust and security. Let the person's unfolding experience be the guide. Don't try to get ahead of their process. Explore distressing issues if they want, but know that simply being with the person is supportive and talking may not be helpful.

3. Talk through, not down - Invite the person to explore what's happening and encourage them to try not to resist it. Remind them that they are safe.

4. Difficult is not the same as bad - challenging experiences can wind up being our most valuable and lead to learning and growth. Help the person integrate the experience, and remind them the experience will continue to unfold.