Salty Prom and Teen Pregnancy Practice Party

Date and Time:
Wednesday, September 2nd, 2015, 9 PM – 5 AM
Located at Camp:
7:45 & Geek


By day Salty’s is your favorite neighborhood dive bar, but on Wednesday night things will get naughty-cal. The central dance floor will transform into a sea of grooving bodies at the inaugural Enchantment Under The Sea Party. You’ll enjoy our selection of cocktails at Salty Jack’s Oily Rig served up by the seamen and mermaids while DJs will be flooding the sound system with everything from midtempo breakbeat & electronic funk to classic soul, house & reggae.

Stop by the on board “Bootie Bar” at Camp Salty where you make your own pearl necklace, or give one to that special someone (while supplies last). We’ve done the dirty work by digging up that rusty underwater treasure chest all you have to do is don your favorite seafoam bras and fish gill suits and get ready to go deep.