Fear, Inner Critic, and Risk-Taking

Date and Time:
Wednesday, September 2nd, 2015, 2:30 PM – 3:45 PM
Located at Camp:
Camp Soft Landing
Bhaktea Social Yurt
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What stops you from giving your gifts and following your true calling? Let's find out together in this experiential workshop. You'll uncover the voices, mindsets, and narratives that block you from taking risks and expanding to new levels. We'll also go over some common pitfalls (e.g., perfectionism) that prevent people from starting their most meaningful work today.

// Maria Molfino is a women’s leadership coach who helps women gain the creative confidence to lead. With a Masters in Design from Stanford, she has worked with top managers and executives working at companies such as Facebook, Twitter, and IDEO. She has 10+ years experience empowering individuals to manage their stress, and has spent the last five years running leadership programs and social initiatives for women. She believes a woman’s creative ability is her greatest asset – the key to leading a deeply satisfying career and life. When she isn’t coaching, she’s sipping on tea and writing poems in the redwoods.