Creative Visualization: Picture your future

Date and Time:
Wednesday, September 2nd, 2015, 1 PM – 1:45 PM
Located at Camp:
KazbusKamp Transformation Station
KazbusKamp Transformation Station


Join us for a guided creative visualization meditation. We will help you picture the perfect day 10 yrs in your future. The process works by subconsciously shifting your decision making over the next 10 years eventually making your vision a reality. You don't know what that day looks like? Don't worry, most people don't, but your subconscious already knows what is important to it. The more amazing and compelling the vision that you let emerge, the more you will be drawn to it. How? Most people make between 80 to 400 decisions a day. A rich, compelling visualization with a lot of sensory "hooks" can shift those decisions towards your perfect future because the right choices will feel "right". We will start with a mindfulness of breath meditation, a gratitude exercise and then wake up the morning of your perfect day and explore it through a guided process. After, we will ask a few of those interested to share their visualization with the group. We look forward to sharing your future day together. Dr.Feelgood