Sexploration! A Gender Blender Play Party 9PM-1AM

Date and Time:
Wednesday, August 31st, 2016, 9 PM – 1 AM
Mature Audiences
Located at Camp:
Gender Blender
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Get your Sexploration on! It’s time to get hot and sexy with other fabulous gender queer, trans, and queer folks!

This party is a safe space for trans, gender queer, gender variant, queer, open minded, unidentified folks to get their freak on. Sexy, hot, & off the hook. We practice safer sex and in order to play you must also. This party is designed with queer folks in mind. It is specifically a safe space for gender blenders, gender benders, trans, and gender questioning folks. It also is a safe space for cisgender queer folks. Feel free to bring toys, condoms, gloves, lube, and cute people - of course we will also be providing.
Consent in our GenderBlender dome is a must. Keep it safe, sane, and consensual. We take our consent and safety seriously, if you are not interested in fun safe play, don't show up. If you can't play safely then you can't play in our dome.
If you are ready for an amazing fabulous glittery kickin play party then this is the spot for you! All levels of play are welcome from first timers to sexperts. Respect in our dome is paramount. We are creating a unique space that is not found anywhere else on playa.
This party is for people of all genders with a priority on creating safety for communities that are normally marginalized or exoticized. We can't wait to see your hotness shine at this phenomenal event.

All genders welcome all ways.