Buddhist Chanting: Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

Dates and Times:
Monday, August 29th, 2016, 11 AM – 12 PM
Tuesday, August 30th, 2016, 11 AM – 12 PM
Wednesday, August 31st, 2016, 11 AM – 12 PM
Thursday, September 1st, 2016, 11 AM – 12 PM
Friday, September 2nd, 2016, 11 AM – 12 PM
Located at Camp:
BuddhaCamp at the Lotus Dome


Join us in the Lotus Dome for the daily recitation of Nam Myoho Renge Kyo and morning gongyo (the practice of chanting two chapters from the Lotus Sutra). In the Lotus Sutra, Shakymuni Buddha revealed that every human being can attain enlightenment in their present form. Through chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo, one can create a state of unshakable happiness. Buddhism is a practice and everyone is welcome to join. Each day after chanting, together we will study a Buddhist concept, answer questions, and share experiences. Novices, new practitioners, and curious souls welcome.