WTS Pink lemonade Dive Bar & Games

Dates and Times:
Monday, August 29th – All Day
Tuesday, August 30th – All Day
Wednesday, August 31st – All Day
Thursday, September 1st – All Day
Friday, September 2nd – All Day
Saturday, September 3rd – All Day
Located at Camp:
White Trash Superstars


Come One, Come All, Come Party with/like a White Trash Superstar. Our Signature drinks are Vodka Lemonade (no promises on ice) White trash Mimosas, Tang Bang, and we serve ice cold draft beer, we hardly stop there... Our Bartenders are on Vacay too so they can be nice or they can be snarky! Sometimes drinks are gifted, sometimes they are bartered; but never sold!!! So leave your $$ in your camp, and bring something fun to tip your bartender!!! Please bring a cup that you can pimp out while you wait. We do not operate on any schedule, so the rule of thumb is: If the barstools are down, we are most likely serving drinks, or at least attitude... Some of our games include: Pool, fooseball, tether ball, shuffleboard, white trash horseshoes, and we are excited to introduce nascar inspired drag racing!