Pinhole Camera Photography with Pinhole Project

Date and Time:
Monday, August 29th, 2016, 10 AM – 12 PM
Located at Camp:
Illumination Village
Contact Email:


Come check out our pinhole camera and play with us, we do pinhole photography! Pinhole Project has brought to the playa twelve very large pinhole cameras created out of 50-gallon cardboard barrels. Join us in our annual pilgrimage to use old school pinhole photography on the playa.

The Pinhole Project exposes 30 x 40 inch sheets of light sensitive gelatin silver paper. We work with 12 pinhole cameras, created out of 50-gallon cardboard barrels. This size is uniquely suited for capturing the incredible scale and immense diversity of art and culture at Black Rock City. Under the red safelights of the darkroom, photosensitive paper is inserted into the camera body. Exposures range from 40 to 300 seconds, where concentrated beams of sunlight are funnelled through the pinhole and into the camera, creating a negative image of the recorded subject. We maintain a desert darkroom in a shipping container, where we gather to processes, develop and fix about one hundred photographs each Burning Man. These unique images are then exhibited in Illumination Village, Center Camp Cafe, and off-playa. The pinhole camp has been creating large-scale portraits with festival participants since 1999.