Caribana Carnival Dance Party

Date and Time:
Tuesday, August 30th, 2016, 11 PM – 2 AM
Located at Camp:
Automatic Subconscious
8:30 & Esplanade


Get up pon de dancefloor! Put up your rag or flag, and jump, wave, and wine the night away.
Learn hot tips to dancing the world's sexiest style: Soca, the Soul Of Calypso.
Explore your body's curves and experience the finer points the butterfly, willy bounce, jiggy, Nah Linga, and the hot wuk.
Come for the class, stay for dat ass. After the all-levels class, get down n' duhty with Wubson spinning live for our twerking pleasures, Caribana Carnival Dance Party 11pm-2am