See Your Light, Love Your Light- True Reflections

Dates and Times:
Monday, August 29th – All Day
Tuesday, August 30th – All Day
Wednesday, August 31st – All Day
Thursday, September 1st – All Day
Friday, September 2nd – All Day
Saturday, September 3rd – All Day
Sunday, September 4th – All Day
Located at Camp:
True Reflections Palace Camp
True Reflections Palace Camp


A True Reflections Palace - showcasing mirrors that do not reverse left and right!

Come see the sparkle in your eyes from the light in your soul. These mirrors reflect you as you are, not reversed, and are truly magical!

Theres both science and an art here - your face "works" when you see it as it truly is. In contrast it stops working, and you tend to stare at yourself in mirrors. Then get self-critical all too often. Even if you are feeling wonderful, like all so many times at Burning Man, a mirror doesn't reflect it naturally, so you tend to lose that sparkle and start to question your good feelings.

In contrast, when you look in one of these true reflection mirrors, your face keeps working! Your eyes, which have so much beautiful information in them, continue to have that same information that you can see. This is what we see and read so well when we look at you. That sparkle when you are happy, that depth when you are being deep, that vitality and genuineness that we know about you, now you can see it too! So easy to believe in yourself when you see all that true energy you have.

The result? Expect to be absolutely floored. You are an amazing creature - a Human Being, and now you can see what that really looks, and feels like. The feedback loop you find yourself in now is clear and complete, so smiles look like real smiles and you will smile back. Complete with sparkle!!! Beautiful!

There's lots of posters in the Palace (which is made from giant tinker style toys) to explain it all. If you don't see the magic, ask one of us for a demo and explanation. .. we want to get you to your own AHA moment!

Note-this is the same Palace that has been under the Man, on Playa, on Esplanade and in Center Camp! Don't Miss It - Its Magic!