Date and Time:
Monday, August 29th, 2016, 9 PM – 12 AM
Located at Camp:


It's the NOODLEPOCALYPSE. It's cold, filthy, and far from home out there. There may be wolves, or people dressed like wolves, or a screaming metal monster than someone once called a wolf before science happened to it! No matter, what you need is safety, light, and food! We've got yer back! Get'cher hot, salty, broth and noodles. We'll have 'em till we don't, you'll slurp 'em down till they're gone. And hey-ho-diddley-hey chuckles, they ain't from no styrofoam cup. Come on down to flavor country, and ride the noodle! (No actual rides present at camp, just noodles...please don't try and ride your noodles, that would just be awkward, and probably messy) AND BEFORE YOU ASK: No, they're not gluten free, they're frikkin noodles. No, they're not vegan. Stop asking. We're not that kind of noodle. There probably won't be any pandas, geese, or other assorted whimsical creatures unless you bring them yourself.