Unfucking Sexuality: Intimacy as Art

Date and Time:
Monday, August 28th, 2017, 8 AM – 9:30 AM
Located at Camp:
Naked Heart


"Unfucking Sexuality is about decoupling the sex-craving instincts from the desire to connect intimately. Infinite openness awaits your surrender.

When we can separate our desire for sex from our desire to connect intimately, a canvas of possibility emerges in the space between two hearts where we can truly explore intimacy as art.

Human beings need touch, comfort, safety, love, and intimacy in their lives to feel whole, welcome, complete, and content. Attaining the combination of this cocktail of bliss often is only experienced through a sexual relationship of some kind, and rarely are all of these needs met simultaneously, or by the same person.

Often, along the path to deepening a relationship or flirtatious connection, one partner or the other begins to dabble with sexual energy through flirting, playful touch, sexy talk, innuendo, or other strategies in an effort to shift the situation into an opening for sexual connection and orgasmic release.

Sexual energy is incredibly powerful, playful, blissful, and transformative, yet it can also be overwhelmingly tricky and even deceitful to one's self and others if not stewarded with care.

This workshop explores the fine lines between sexuality and intimacy, between loving touch and sexual touch, and between desire to be with someone intimately and the desire to fuck.

Through practicing clear and open communication, bringing awareness to the energy in our bodies and intention in our hearts, and by relaxing into the openness of the moment and surrendering any agenda for where it may be leading, the relational space can be transformed into a mysteriously infinite void of possibilities where literally anything can happen.

Countless women have confided in me that they are frustrated beyond measure by their partner's (or men in general's) inability to be with them in a way that makes them feel safe, free to express their fullness, and feel loved, cherished, and comfortable in their bodies.