Every Gal's Guide to Pegging Princess Empowerment

Date and Time:
Monday, August 28th, 2017, 7 PM – 8 PM
Mature Audiences
Located at Camp:
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Feed tHE ARTists


Wait...What? You Want What Where? Congratulations! Has your partner approached you with the idea of ass play? Is it exciting...and confusing...and perhaps a little scary? This pegging workshop is open to everyone but tailored to female-identifying humans—pegging princesses in training! Regardless of the anatomy with which you were born, sticking things in your ass feels good. In fact, prostate stimulation can produce orgasms up to 10 times stronger and/or more intense than an average genital-stimulation-only orgasm (lucky prostate owners). Pegging is about pleasure plain and simple and humans are enjoying ass play and pegging without shame or stigma now more than ever. Ass play is for everyone! I’ve been ass fucking and blogging my way to pegging princess empowerment for 12 years and want to share my love of all things penetration with you. I LOVE pegging. It makes me feel powerful, sexy, and feminine. I love the view, I love the adoration I get in return, and I love being a part of heightened levels of sexual pleasure for my partner. Pegging need not be about dominating, humiliating, or degrading your partner. Join me as we leave our fears behind, bring pegging out of the shadows and into the lighter side of kink, and explore safe pegging 101 and beginner equipment. The workshop includes an interactive demonstration, question and answer, and a few surprises. Now let’s rock out with our girl cocks out!