Dates and Times:
Sunday, August 27th, 2017, 7 PM – 9 PM
Monday, August 28th, 2017, 7 PM – 9 PM
Tuesday, August 29th, 2017, 7 PM – 9 PM
Wednesday, August 30th, 2017, 7 PM – 9 PM
Thursday, August 31st, 2017, 7 PM – 9 PM
Friday, September 1st, 2017, 7 PM – 9 PM
Located at Art:
ASURA Bike (7:32 4370', Plaza)
Contact Email:


Psychedelic ASURA(Buddhism) is enshrined. When participants is biking, the generator works and psychedelic light and sounds work in conjunction with ASURA movement. Participants riding bicycles with ASURA masks look like psychedelic ASURA. We operate ASURA Bike every day from 19 o'clock to 21 o'clock in the evening. The operation of ASURA Bike will not be done on the day of man burn and temple burn. Other times are displayed as an altar.