Sailing the Dead Seas: Rockin’ the Boats!

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Sunday, August 26th, 2018, 7 PM – 8 PM
Sailing the Dead Seas: Rockin' The Boats
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Rituals Arts Collective's 'Sailing the Dead Seas: Rockin' the Boats!' installation is anchored in our childhood; you'll see a flotilla of oversized, whimsical, origami-like colorful 'paper boats,' each floating upon its 'waves.' Each boat is actually a teeter totter, ready to be rocked by the participants. As every craft has environmental sensors installed within, you'll hear incredible, albeit low-key musical tones, as 'played' by the wind, and motion of the boats. The effect is bio-elemental, aural soothing of our minds. Participants will find the interior of the (easily accessible) boats gilded in silver and gold, filled with inspirational quotes to complete the experience. The reason for 'Dead Seas' in the title is twofold: the playa's dry lake bed, and the actual Dead Sea in Jordan-- both have high mineral content, that which nourishes souls who 'float' in it.>>>>>That’s NOT all! We’re offering an unique community sunset event; we invite everyone to participate w/ your hearts+energy: on the playa. There be CHRISTENINGS+Glowing Baby Boat Launchings to HONOR our man Larry Harvey, Mateys! Bubbly cider+water served to all #Land Pirates that attend! (Bring yer cups while supplies last! ;) Find us—Join us on Sunday, August 26, 2018 7-8pm<<<<<