The Phage Presents: Monday

Date and Time:
Monday, August 27th, 2018, 8 PM – 7 AM
Located at Camp:
The Institute Village
The Institute Village


The Institute of Higher Yearning (2:30 & Esplanade) is proud to unveil a new specialization in machine yearning. We will conduct supervised yearning 8-9pm at Phage Talks, followed by unsupervised yearning 9pm-sunrise on the dance floor.

Bass faculty symposium: Artie Partie, Bodhi McBoatface, Duffrey, DUBVIRUS, Mr Jennings, Roflcactus, Watsonix, Zenotope, and more TBA.

Applied art labs: J.O.A.N. & Mimsy art cars, The Horse Tornado, Intergalactic Travel Bureau, The Ivory Tower, Plasmatica, Virascope, The Wizard.

YOLO (You Only Learn Once).