Give Better Head and Enjoy it More

Date and Time:
Wednesday, August 28th, 2019, 12 PM – 1 PM
Mature Audiences
Located at Camp:
Saints & Sinners
Saints & Sinners


Dan Savage says “oral is standard; any model that doesn’t include it should be returned to the lot”. Still there can be challenges in giving that oral. ~~~ In this workshop we'll address topics such as: * How to protect yourself when the action gets intense? * Some things guys find pleasurable - sometimes things even they didn't know. * How to ask for what you want so you more enjoy the experience, too. * Yes, sometimes this is for the givers pleasure! ~~~ The event will include presentation of these topics and more, along with opportunities for questions and discussion by the participants. Bring your questions. Bring your enthusiasm and your curiosity. Come ready for a fun and lively discussion. ~~~ And guys, if you want a peek into the challenges your partner may confront as she pleasures you - or if you have questions you've been afraid to ask - come join the discussion. Here's a chance to learn what it's like on the other side. ~~~ This is a discussion-only event. No nudity or live demonstrations.