Learn How to Build a MIDI Controller!

Date and Time:
Wednesday, August 28th, 2019, 11 AM – 12 PM
Located at Camp:
Freaks United Karma Collective
Freaks United Karma Collective


In this workshop, burners will learn how to build their own MIDI controllers using the Arduino platform. MIDI controllers are hardware interfaces used by a variety of music/art professionals that need a more convenient and/or meaningful way to interact with computer software. Between these professionals are DJs, VJs, electronic musicians, music producers, multimedia artists, etc. The Arduino is a board that allows people to connect the physical world with the digital world. With a little bit of coding, the Arduino can be used for a variety of things, such as robotics, multimedia art, and music. The Arduino is widely used in the Burning Man community, mostly for light sculptures. In this workshop, the Arduino will be used for a not as popular approach: music! The workshop will be less of a "hands-on" activity because it would require many computers, and computers tend to not love the playa... However, imagine more like playa TED Talk where Burners will learn all the necessary fundamentals to build DIY MIDI controllers, while the instructor builds one in front of them. In the end, anybody will be able to mess with a couple of boards, experiment themselves and make some noise! Also, the participants will be gifted a super complete material in their emails, so they can actually go deep in the subject and apply in the default world what they've learned in the Playa!