Lucha Libre or Pantsless referee?

Date and Time:
Sunday, August 25th, 2019, 7 PM – 11 PM
Mature Audiences
Located at Camp:
Nacho Campo
Nacho Campo


This year, Metamorphoses brings big change to Nacho Campo in addition to our proud tradition of Luchador wrestling. Once again, Nacho Campo will welcome Playa guests to enjoy the thrilling, dramatic, art of Luchador wrestling. Those brave (and foolish) enough to suit up will be encouraged to take a turn in the ring and let their inner show person shine. Prior to their match, wrestlers will be given an opportunity to select their own Luchador mascara and choose their wrestler name, persona and finishing move (after being fitted by our Luchadors in one of our many pairs of multi-sized crutches, always a hilarious crowd pleaser.) Our camp will be host to a plethora of beautiful Latin American cultural displays, including a traditional ofrenda that will serve as the launch point for a procession to the temple. On procession day burners of all ages will be invited to paint their faces in the tradition of Muertos and join the parade. New in 2019, our cantina will host daily folk art creation, lead by our wrestlers. Additionally, our cantina will provide a shaded siesta area equipped with hammocks for drowsy participants and an evening fire. We are very excited to offer for the first time, our 24ft. Tower "De Fanaticos", a place to climb for a better view, cheer, take photos and enjoy the festivities. Also contributing to the growth of participation, as in prior years, the camp has planned several semi spontaneous evening events including, "Kissadillas" and "Hots and Shots" plus space for pop-ups to gift. Our builder will be hosting a series of lectures on designing and building Casitas (tiny houses), as well as sharing his architectural plans for one of his own design as a gift to participants who are interested. Our artist in residence will be displaying several large panels of their work that will be "live painted" at an art and fire festival prior to the burn on the perimeter of the camp.