Our Inner Tides: The Lunar Archetype and Cycles

Date and Time:
Thursday, August 29th, 2019, 4:45 PM – 5:15 PM
Located at Camp:


Attuning to Moon cycles offers a simple yet profound way to connect with the rhythms of nature and our own Lunar qualities. Just like the Ocean’s tides, our bodies and emotions dance in synchrony with the Moon. Potent Moon days—like new and full Moons—provide monthly doorways into ritual and magic. Yet, the pressures of modern society can block our natural alignment with the Lunar dimension that holds and flows through each of us. From motherhood, nurturance, and childhood to our communities, homes, bodies, and emotions, the Lunar facets of life can be undervalued. Honoring the Moon and her phases as expressed in personal natal charts and collective monthly cycles supports us in reclaiming our wholeness and restoring right relationship with the greater natural context in which we are a part.

This presentation will explore the Lunar archetype and cycles, including the Lunar phases as they unfold each month and the characteristics of different Moon phases in one’s natal chart. Opening with a guided meditation and suggesting practical ways to align with personal and collective Moon cycles, an invitation toward deeper connection with the Lunar archetype will be offered to participants at any level of astrological initiation. Interested participants will be welcome to check in with the speaker about personal Moon placement and cycles after this talk.