Non-violent communication

Date and Time:
Tuesday, August 27th, 2019, 3 PM – 4 PM
Located at Camp:
Porta Party


Have you ever found yourself...
- wanting to express dissatisfaction at someone’s behaviour but refrained from doing so in order not to cause an upset?
- Appreciating an action or words of someone yet refrained from expressing gratitude to that person?
- Expressing dissatisfaction at someone’s behaviour only to find that the situation deteriorated instead of improved?
If you can relate to these questions, this workshop may be right for you! It aims to provide you with an effective model to reformulate your communication and thereby enrich your, and your surroundings’ lives. Meaningful and life-enriching communication is much simpler and more rewarding than you may have previously believed.
The workshop presents a model called Non-Violent-Communication, which was developed by Marshall Rosenberg.