Edges of Intimacy: Real, Raw, Refined

Date and Time:
Monday, August 26th, 2019, 1 PM – 3 PM
Located at Camp:
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How can we play our edges connected to our deep longings, our present desires and our soulful dignity? How do we show up honoring our need for safety without being stuck in limiting fears of the past. Exploring edges of present experience welcomes the possibility of past triggers. It is in these 'sensitive' spaces that we stretch and grow and Life itself takes on new dimensions. Every participant will choose the level of 'play' they engage in... Mild, Medium or Spicy!! In this well held and curated space, you will have the opportunity to create or recreate experiences that you most desire in the way that you want them. This is what you came to the Playa for... Led by master somatic facilitators John Michael (Pleasure) and Steffi Seefeld (CuddleSlut) of Camp.