Embracing Darkness

Date and Time:
Wednesday, August 28th, 2019, 8 PM – 8:30 PM
Located at Camp:
Earth Guardians


How changing our relationship with light can impact the trajectory of climate change - Want to know the impact making light has had on the planet? How our superstitious fear of the dark has wreaked havoc on the environment in ways we never see yet it is as plain as the light bulb in front of your face. We all love LED's on the Playa and even though there have been great advances in the software that programs them, what advances have been made on the LED itself? Here is the opportunity to see the world's first 2200K, 1900K and 1700K LEDs that are helping preserve the Dark Skies the world over. They are a game changer in the realm of municipal street lighting specifically addressing the 2016 AMA public statement of the harm to human health being caused by lights that are 3000K and higher.