The Zendo Project for Psychedelic Peer Support

Date and Time:
Monday, August 26th, 2019, 8 PM – 8 AM
Located at Camp:
Zendo 3:00


The Zendo Project is a place where you can find support during particularly challenging or overwhelming experiences, drug-related or otherwise. The Zendo is staffed 24/7 with trained volunteers who offer peer-counseling support for difficult psychological and emotional situations. This is a safe space to land and reconnect with yourself before you head off to your next adventure!

The Zendo Project has been providing compassionate Care Services on playa since 2012.

The mission of the Zendo Project is to provide a supportive environment and education to help transform difficult psychedelic and psychological experiences into opportunities for learning and growth.

We envision a world where communities are engaged in providing safety and support for people having psychedelic and psychological challenges; and harm reduction principles are used foremost to reduce the risks associated with substance use.