Passionate Movement Through the Chakras

Date and Time:
Wednesday, August 28th, 2019, 1:30 PM – 3 PM
Located at Camp:
Camp Contact


Passionate Movement Through the Chakras guides you to open up all 7 energy centers of your body so you can feel more free and open with yourself and create more powerful, awesome connections with others. Come laugh, come cry, have fun, and make new friends with this engaging playshop. You will experience everything such as:

-how to reveal the parts of ourselves that are hidden under the surface.
-creating a space of compassion, love and trust.
-learning powerful tantric breathing techniques
-what the chakras mean and how they are important to our vitality
-deep, heartfelt connections with others in the class
-an opportunity to see and be seen by the group
-lots of movement, dance, and personal journey work
-how to feel more integrated and in your body from now on

Hope to see you there!

Located at Dome 2 in Camp Contact.