Water Myth & Mystery

Date and Time:
Tuesday, August 27th, 2019, 12 PM – 1 PM
Red Lightning :: Blue Thunder


In the beginning, there was nothing. Then God moved over the face of the water. Sound familiar? This is the opening line of Genesis in the Bible. First there was nothing, there was only God and water. And from that, everything else was born. That’s the Christian creation myth. And all over the world, ancient people agree. There are similar creation stories from the Egyptians, Polynesians, African and Native American tribes, Greeks, and countless others. They all believe that first there was water, and all of life was born from the movement of water. Even the modern western creation myth of evolution says that life began in oceans, and primordial soup, as single cells in mother earths bloodstream. Gradually, we adapted to carry earths water within our own bodies as blood so we could walk on land. This is the scientific version of the exact same story, adaptation/evolution . Life comes from water.

Let’s learn from these stories! Let's take a deep dive into the legends of the magic inherent in water, dating all the way back through prehistory. If water moves to create life, how does it move? Within nature, and within our bodies? And how can we work with that movement for healthier bodies and a healthier planet? How can we engage with this sacred source of life for deeper communion and spiritual connection?

Recent studies in metaphysics have confirmed the legends of many cultures -- water is a bridge between heaven and earth. Water is the medium of communication between the manifest and the unmanifest, between the material and the divine. How can we, as water-beings, use our body vessels to commune with divinity through the power of our internal waters?