Water Witchcraft

Date and Time:
Thursday, August 29th, 2019, 1 PM – 2 PM
Red Lightning :: Blue Thunder


Magic is innate in the human psyche. It's a physical way of praying using symbols and tools. Water magic is especially potent because we are aligning with the liquid essence of life. Water has the ability to store and transmit information, so she absorbs intentions and incantations especially well.

In fact, water has been used as a medium for communication with the Otherworld in countless cultures for countless generations. In this workshop, we will touch briefly on ancient global practices, but we will focus primarily on the indigenous European traditions of water ritual, spellwork, divination, etc. using the liquid, solid, gas, and crystalline phases of water.

Because spellwork amplifies your intention, only use magic for the benefit of all beings. Attempts to hex or curse WILL come back to bite you. So use your powers to bless and uplift. And remember, from our limited vantage point as humans, we never see the full picture or know what's ultimately best. So always consecrate your magic to a higher purpose, in alignment with Divine Will, and add the caveat "this or something greater, so mote it be". Don't attach yourself to the outcome. When working with the mysteries, prepare to be often surprised!

Intent + water + delivery method = magical change